Bdellium Tools 785 Brush


According to Bdellium Tools, the 785 is “ideal for applying shadows within the crease of the eye to add depth”, it also says that this brush is made from “optimized soft natural and synthetic mixed fibers”


A little over a month ago, I decided to invest in a good crease brush. I had known about Bdellium Tools for a while. Then I saw 2 girls walking with bags that read ‘Blur Makeup Room’. I checked out their website — since they carry Bdellium Tools, and eventually made my way to Queen Street West.


I’ve been using this brush to apply my transition colour right into the crease — the dark brown from L’Oreal’s HIP Duo in Shady. The 785 is not the brush that you’ll use to pack colour onto the lid, highlight your brow bone or even to apply colour to the outer corners.


The 785 is often compared to MAC’s 224 — and I can see why! For about 13CDN it really gets the job done, and there’s no shedding. Be sure to check out Blur Makeup Room — the young lady that helped me was Ashley, and the customer service was amazing! And they have discounts for people doing makeup training and certified MUA’s. If you’re a beauty junkie like myself, or an MUA, go ahead and get this brush. If you’re a beginner, you can do without this brush for now.


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