I have no idea where to start with regards to stressing the importance of clean beauty tools. All I can say is, for those of you who didn’t know — makeup brushes are to be cleaned, just like hair brushes. All you need is warm water and shampoo (you can use regular shampoo or baby shampoo).  Run the brush’s bristles under a little warm water, and swirl it into the shampoo that you would’ve already squirted into your palm. Do this until the water runs clean, and place the brushes to lay flat on a paper towel. Do not squeeze the bristles. Do this once a week, and for tweezers, be sure to sanitize before and after each use. Brushes with product buildup do not apply your makeup properly, and unclean tools lead to breakouts; no one wants that! 


How to: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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