Mark Lipclick in Coral Fixation


I decided to try the orange/coral lip trend with this lipstick — to wear orange lips it has to be the perfect orange shade. Anyways, the lipstick applies fairly smoothly, i.e. there is no tugging. I do have to go back and forth just to get a little colour to be deposited onto my lips. What disappointed me the most about this, was the finish. Even though it doesn’t tug, the colour itself is not opaque. The minty scent is welcome, and it doesn’t give that tingling sensation. Go ahead and try this lipstick, because it’s a nice colour and it’s affordable. Maybe your experience will be better than mine.


2 thoughts on “Mark Lipclick in Coral Fixation

  1. An amazing coral you would love is the Maybelling Vivids lipstick in Shocking Coral! It has amazing pigmentating and staying power and I think it would look amazing on you in the summer!


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