SPA Resource Brushes

For those of you here in Toronto, you understand how rare it is for some of us to find affordable products by brands such as E.l.f. Cosmetics, or Real Techniques. Our options regarding makeup brushes tend to be more limited than we’d like, and quite frankly many of us are tired of the shipping costs from certain websites.


Stipple Brush

As I’ve written before, I’ve had this brush since Spring 2012, and it’s been working well. I wash it all the time because I love using it for liquid foundations and blush — not once has this brush shed on me. It’s pretty soft and all the bristles have stayed in place. No shedding, no fraying, no disappointments! For about 8CDN, please go ahead and grab one the next time you drop by Wal Mart. I really hope they make a smaller size in the future for cream blushes and highlighters (both liquids and powders). Click here for my post on How to Use a Stipple Brush.


Crease Blender

I bought this in January because I really needed a good brush for blending colours in the crease, so of course for about 2.97CDN (before HST) I thought “why not?” I feel they need to change the name of this brush because for some of us it’s a bit misleading. It’s more of a big pencil brush as opposed to a crease blender. If you need something to diffuse colour, or blend two colours together…this is not it; this is brush is too pointed for either of those purposes. However if you’re doing a cut crease and you need to soften a line that you made with a pencil while keeping the line visible for definition, this is for you. Similarly, if you need to blend out a colour that you placed right at the base of the lashline or by your lower lashline — this gets the job done. This brush works best for anything that requires more precision.


Crease Blender

This brush was purchased at the same time as my Real Techniques Core Collection, and it’s something that can be considered a must have for both beginners and experts alike. This not only blends colours together pretty well, but it’s also ideal for blending out kohl pencils when doing a smokey eye, adding another shade to the outer “V”, or for simply placing a colour. This one is not as tapered as the one labelled crease blender, so if you need an affordable blending brush for — here it is. This one costs about 2.97CDN as well, so this is definitely something you should grab when you go to buy your stipple brush.



The design on these brushes is a bit simplistic, and even though the colours may not be the most appealing the quality is impressive. I really do think that based on the price point these are worth it — they don’t feel cheap, and they get the job done. At this point I really hope Spa Resources has more brushes on the way.

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3 thoughts on “SPA Resource Brushes

  1. Can’t wait to pick up the stippling brush! I have been looking for a good one for ages (MAC, Real Techniques) but this sounds perfect as a starter. Have you tried any of the Sonia Kashuk brushes form Target? I am curious about them but don’t know if they will really work. But their sets sure are cute… Lol 🙂


    • Lol I know right! Her packaging is so cute. I saw them at Target once, but I didn’t bother buying them because I had gone there for E.l.f. particularly. The MAC ones are sooo soft! But so expensive 😦 I wanna try the Real Techniques stippling brush as well, because the size looks perfect 🙂


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