Relaxed Hair Products

So as much as we all know how great it is to wrap your hair every night to prevent breakage, frizz and dryness — this is not a perfect world. I don’t wrap my hair every night, just on a note of honesty. I’ve had processed hair for about 10 years now, and I’m still figuring out what works. So this post will be about the products that I’m currently using.


So for cleansing purposes I’ve been avoiding sulfates — which is why I co-wash using Dove’s Nutritive Solutions Conditioner (pomegranate and verbena scent). For any of you new to this concept, it’s simply washing your hair using conditioner because most shampoos contain sulfates (the sulfates are what cause your hair to have that dry feeling). They do serve a purpose however, because sulfates are the cleansing agent and that’s why I’ll use shampoo every 2 or weeks to rid my scalp of product buildup. I’ve also been using this for a quick steam when I need to soften my roots — I just apply it right to the roots, and cover with my shower cap during 2 episodes of The Big Bang Theory (approximately an hour).

Dove Revitalising Conditioner

I dry my hair by using a soft cotton t-shirt as soon as I’m done washing out the conditioner. Then I go in with some Hollywood Beauty’s Argan Oil, and let it dry about halfway — at which point I use a little Cantu Shea Butter. When I leave my hair to air dry using this method, there’s absolutely no frizz. It doesn’t come out as straight as if I had wrapped it wet or used some heat. That being said, my hair still feels moisturized and the ends are frizz fee.


On a daily basis for regular styling I’ll use Soft Sheen Carson’s Optimum Care Anti-Breakage Therapy or Luster’s Pink Lotion. I prefer the Optimum Care not only because it smells nice, but I find that sometimes Pink Lotion can feel a bit heavy. Even though the former is a bit on the thick side, it can still be quickly and easily worked into my hair. Along with that, sometimes I don’t always have to use the Optimum Care product everyday because it keeps my hair pretty moisturized.


To combat frizz (whether I’m using heat or not) my go-to products are currently Organix Coconut Oil Hydrating Oil Mist or Fantasia’s iC Hair Polisher. I prefer using the coconut oil mist when doing a twist out or a braid out, or even on a regular day when I’m putting my hair in a braid. For shine purposes in particular, I find that the iC Hair Polisher works the best and it’s important to note that a little goes a long way — the small container pictured below has been lasting me for a few months.


Hopefully this post helped you read about some new products that you may want to try and all of them can be found in beauty supply stores or drugstores. I’d love to know which products you guys use, so feel free to comment below!

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