How to Use A Stipple Brush

A stipple brush is often used with blushes that are very pigmented (both powder and cream formulas), but most people tend to use theirs for foundation — I used mine for this initially when I bought it in 2012. If you have a full coverage foundation that feels very thick, such as MAC’s Studio Fix or Revlon Colorstay Foundation. This brush helps to blend it in perfectly and does not give a cake-y look; dot the product on your face, and then buff it in. The one pictured here is by a Canadian brand called Spa Resources (tools sold in Wal Mart); for 8CDN it’s been lasting pretty well. I’ve heard good things about the one made by E.l.f Cosmetics, as well as the one made by Real Techniques — if you’re not in Canada get your hands on those. A smaller stipple brush can be used for both powder and liquid illuminating products. So go out and grab one! And remember to only get product on the white section of the bristles.


Milani Baked Blush in Rose d'Oro


How to: Use A Stipple Brush

15 thoughts on “How to: Use A Stipple Brush

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  5. The E.l.f stipple brush is really good I love it. I love that you included a visual and I really appreciated how you not only included what it could be used for, but also how to use it. It’s detailed but short and too the point at the same time. I enjoyed this a lot. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. Xx, E.B.

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