MAC vs. NYX: Blush Edition

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MAC Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy and NYX's Powder Blush in Desert Rose

MAC Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy and NYX’s Powder Blush in Desert Rose

As I mentioned previously, MAC vs. NYX may become ‘a thing’, I’ve already compared eyeshadow from both brands as well as pigments and lip liner. Today I’ll be comparing blushes, so keep reading 🙂

NYX Blush in Desert Rose

NYX Powder Blush in Desert Rose

NYX Powder Blush in Desert Rose

I purchased this blush last year September because I was looking for something that would be perfect for everyday wear, as well as all seasons. Initially I was looking for Pinched, because I had read that it was a very good drugstore dupe for the infamous NARS Orgasm blush.This wasn’t in stock so I ended up purchasing Pinky, which is described as a ‘matte hot pink’ – but when I brought it home I wasn’t thoroughly impressed. I returned it (unused) the next day and bought Desert Rose.

  • On NYX’s website Desert Rose is described as ‘matte burgundy – pink‘, and to me it looks quite similar to Desert Rose by MAC (25CDN), as well as Taos by NARS (32CDN) (described as ‘desert rose with shimmer’).
  • It doesn’t have much shimmer in it, so if you’re not into shimmery blushes this is for you. If you’re on the fairer side it may be a bit intense, so use a light hand.
  • If you’re on the darker side something such as NYX’s powder blush in Red (matte red with blue undertones) may be a bit more flattering.
NYX Powder Blush in Desert Rose

NYX Powder Blush in Desert Rose

MAC Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy

MAC Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy

MAC Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy

I’ve done a review specifically on this blush previously, so feel free to check that out! This blush is from MAC’s Mineralize line of products and those are a bit more pigmented and from my understanding they’re supposed to give a more natural finish – especially when you look at the foundations, concealers and powders.

  • Lovejoy is very pigmented, so use a stipple/skunk brush with bristles that aren’t packed together too tightly. It’s more on the red side – when I use this I don’t see a hint of pink; if you’re looking for a pink blush, this is not it.
  • If you’re on the darker side however, i.e. anywhere from NC45 to NW44, or even a medium beige such as NC35 this can definitely work for you.
  • Similar to NYX’s Desert Rose I think this blush works for all seasons as well as everyday wear. It does have a slight bit of shimmer, but nothing too overpowering – the Milani Baked Blushes contain more shimmer.
  • Lovejoy would also be great if you tend to use your deeper blush shades to do a bit of contouring, so I see this as an investment.
MAC Lovejoy on NC45 Skin in daylight

MAC Lovejoy on NC45 Skin in daylight

  1. Price: NYX’s Desert Rose is 5USD on their website, and there’s free shipping on orders over 25USD, so I’d say check that out and take advantage! However, here in Toronto I had purchased mine for about 11CDN before HST was added, while MAC’s Mineralize Blushes are 29.50CDN before HST is added.
  2. Wearability and Pigmentation: NYX’s Desert Rose is pigmented upon initial application, though you really have to build up the colour with the stippling brush – use a medium sized brush and not a large one so that it fits into the pan properly. It doesn’t wear for a very long time and that was disappointing. MAC’s Lovejoy is very pigmented as I had said, and it wears for about 10-12 hours – when used with face primer, foundation, etc; Lovejoy does well in both categories.
  3. Variety: Both brands have a variety of blush shades – both in matte and shimmer finishes. When considering the price point in the US however, since NYX’s blushes are only $5 I would say go ahead and try about 3 shades or so because Pinched really does look like it would flatter almost any skintone. If you really just want to buy one blush and use the life out of it, go ahead and purchase one of MAC’s Mineralize blushes – Warm Soul looks lovely!
  4. Availability: Here in Canada NYX can be found at Rexall/PharmaPlus, the only issue is that sometimes most of the nicer shades are not in stock and then you have to wait. MAC Cosmetics can easily be bought at a MAC store at The Bay. In the U.S, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue because I know that NYX can easily be bought in most drugstores and there are MAC stores all over. In Jamaica, I don’t remember seeing any NYX blushes in the drugstores, but maybe it can be found in a cosmetics store and you can always check out the MAC store.


Spa Resources stipple brush (8CDN) to be used with pigmented blushes

Spa Resources stipple brush (8CDN) to be used with pigmented blushes

Be sure to check out my previous post on Milani’s Baked Blush in Rose d’Oro, and stay tuned for a review on Hard Candy’s Glow All The Way!

How to Use A Stipple Brush


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