MAC vs. NYX: Lip Liner Edition

NYX Nude Beige, MAC Currant, NYX Pinky

NYX Nude Beige, MAC Currant, NYX Pinky


As I went through my makeup, I realized that for high end makeup, M.A.C could easily be considered my favorite/most used brand. However for drugstore makeup NYX is one of my favorites…in my world they’re facing competition from L’Oreal and Maybelline as a result of availability, or lack thereof. Here in Canada, I’ve been only been able to easily find NYX in Rexall and PharmaPlus (yes I know that some beauty supply stores may have it but the keyword here is easily*). I figured that since both are good brands, I’d do a few posts comparing some of their products.

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Beige and Pinky

In 2012, I found NYX Slim Lip Pencil in a beauty supply store in Jamaica, so I grabbed an orange liner as well as the shade 835 Pinky. Pinky, as you probably guessed is a hot pink shade. Personally…I find that it doesn’t really do much for me because I’m actually not a big fan of pink lips on myself. I received the shade 857 Nude Beige in December from my friend, and this is the perfect nude lipliner for us NC45 girls. It works perfectly with any pink lipstick you might have that’s a bit too light, or sometimes I use it to fill in my entire lip and then go over it with a shimmery beige gloss. For recommendations on your perfect nude lip shade, click here.

The texture is fine, but I find it doesn’t always go on as smoothly as the MAC lip pencil. With regards to how long it lasts on the lips, it lasts for the usual lip pencil time (i.e. it will begin to fade after you’ve eaten). That being said, for about 5CDN these aren’t a bad buy if you’re new to lip pencils or want to try a few new colours.

Swatched: NYX Nude Beige, NYX Pinky and MAC Currant

Swatched: NYX Nude Beige, NYX Pinky and MAC Currant


Nude Beige, Pinky and Currant swatches slightly smudged

Nude Beige, Pinky and Currant swatches slightly smudged

M.A.C Lip Liner in Currant 

I had been wanting this particular lip liner since last year. I needed it to go with Cyber (my fave) because I’m that girl who wears dark lipstick all year round. Yup, the same girl who would always have people tell her that Cyber is too dark and that it looks like ‘dark, demon lipstick’…but I digress. I finally bought Currant in April this year – it was an impulse purchase actually, because I knew I could always return it. Needless to say, I haven’t returned it and I’m so glad I finally bought it! It works perfectly with MAC’s Cyber, Revlon’s Black Cherry (click to read) and I’ve also been using it to deepen up Maybelline’s Hot Plum (click to read).

It applies so smoothly and the deep plum shade is just gorgeous! (yes that’s my bias towards anything deep purple coming out shamelessly). The thing is – and I say this about almost any pricey cosmetic product, since it’s 20CDN for the lip pencil you have to really make it work for you. That’s why I’ve been trying it with all the lip colours that I own, because you want to know you’re getting the most for your 20CDN.

NYX Nude Beige, NYX Pinky and MAC Currant

NYX Nude Beige, NYX Pinky and MAC Currant

(I left the lip liners a bit messy – I didn’t bother sharpening them, because I wanted to give a better idea of how the colour would appear)

Tal’s Take on Things

Both lip pencils work well, but here’s the catch. If you buy the MAC lip pencil, you’ll be able to have a MAC artist or sales associate show you which colours it can work with, and you can return it if you don’t like it. The NYX lip pencil cannot be returned, unless it’s unused. You’ll also have to figure out on your own which colours work with the NYX lip pencil that you purchase.

To read more about products by MAC Cosmetics compared to NYX products, see below:


Tal 🙂


10 thoughts on “MAC vs. NYX: Lip Liner Edition

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  7. Have been dying to try a MAC lip liner! I just saw MakeupByTiffanyD do a “Top MAC Lip Glasses and Lip Liners” and there was a shade she mentioned that if she could only have only lip liner that would be it! So I might check that one out 🙂 Good to know that the NYX ones are an ok dupe though… But I agree that is sucks that you can’t try before you buy 😦


    • Yes exactly! Luckily it’s only 5CDN, even though we know we can get it cheaper over in the US haha 😦
      But I absolutely love Currant by MAC! Honestly, I plan on going back for a nude liner, as well as Magenta 🙂
      But then NYX has a really pretty colour called Purple Rain which I would loveee to try!


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