MAC vs. NYX: Eyeshadow Edition

As I mentioned previously, “MAC vs. NYX” may just become a ‘thing’ for me, but we’ll see how it goes.

MAC's Mulch and NYX Spring Flower

MAC’s Mulch and NYX Spring Flower

Fun Fact: One of the first little shadow trios I bought was by NYX in 2008, I remember it had lilac shades and I bought it for a dance show. I knew NYX was a good brand because my mom had bought a shadow trio by them for my sister previously – and my momma knows her makeup! (Hi mommy :)) What stuck with me was the pigmentation. I loved my lilac trio so much! That was the first time I ever really mastered blending to get the gradient effect, I had used the dual ended applicator that came with it (and at age 14, this pretty much made me feel like Pat McGrath)

MAC Mulch


MAC’s Mulch (Velvet Finish) 18CDN

Last year around March/April I decided I wanted a nice all-over shade to simply sweep on before going to work – when you’re rushing you don’t always have time for blending and ensuring colours work well together. I told the sales associate at MAC that I needed an all-over shadow and it was between Mulch and some other brown shade (I apologize, I really can’t remember the name). Mulch is described on MAC’s website as a ‘red-brown w/ bronze pearl’, but in simple terms it’s really just a shimmery brown shade that looks slightly bronze.

NYX Spring Flower


NYX’s Spring Flower 5CDN

I received this eyeshadow in December 2013 from my mom, and as I mentioned previously I’m impressed with NYX’s eye products (i.e. their pigments and shadows). Spring Flower is a shimmery pale pink, and the finish feels similar to the Veluxe Pearl finish by MAC – a powder eye shadow that almost feels creamy, and it’s really pigmented. I’ve never used it on my lid because as I said it’s a shimmery pale pink and I prefer golds on my lid, but for a quick highlight it works well with the right brush. Without the right brush it can be a bit hard to blend, but still worth it considering the small price tag.

Tal’s Take on Things

The MAC eyeshadow will cost about 18CDN before HST is added, so just buy the refill pan instead because that’ll be a mere 12CDN (take note: when you come to this realization in the store, you will indeed feel tempted to buy 2 refill pans). All MAC shadows blend well, and they last for a very long time – I’ve been using Mulch for over a year now and I haven’t hit pan. The NYX shadow works well also even though it costs less, here in Toronto at Rexall and PharmaPlus there aren’t that many shades available, unlike when you go to MAC. However on their website there are numerous shades. So if you’re an eyeshadow junkie go ahead and try NYX, or if you’re an eyeshadow newbie try an all over shade by MAC or a few by NYX.

Remember to check out my previous post! And stay tuned for a review coming up on Hard Candy luminzer!


Tal 🙂


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