Foundation Face Off


As you probably guessed from the title I’ll be doing a comparison of some sort. The foundations I’ll be comparing in this post are products I’ve written about previously, but there were no in-depth comparisons. I wrote about L’Oreal’s True Match here, foundation for beginners here, the brush I use with my foundation here, cakey foundation here, and foundation in general here.

This post will be Maybelline’s FitMe in 340 vs.  L’Oreal’s True Match in C7 Nut Brown 

  • Both are drugstore foundations, therefore they are at a fairly low price point
  • Both are by 2 out of what I call The Famous 4Covergirl, L’Oreal, Maybelline and Revlon
  • Both are easy to find
  • Both match my skin perfectly

Maybelline FitMe

Maybelline FitMe in 340 and 320

Maybelline FitMe in 340 and 320

Maybelline’s FitMe foundation in 320 was the first foundation I ever purchased, and I initially loved how well it matched my skin. Was I excited? Yes, it was my first foundation and I remember all the ads that came on TV. They’re one of my favorite drugstore brands so of course I had high hopes. That being said, this foundation worked well…in cold Canadian weather. I remember when I began wearing this in June 2012 as the time got warmer I looked so oily. I kid you not, this girl with very dry skin looked like she had no idea what blot powder or blotting sheets were. I wore it in Jamaica and it was just as bad, if not worse. Someone close to me with dry skin also had the very same problem with FitMe in 320.

Maybelline FitMe Foundation in 340

Maybelline FitMe Foundation in 340

January of this year, I decided I would try one of Maybelline’s new FitMe shades in 340 mainly because 320 was apparently discontinued. Was this working well? Yes, yes it was. Again it seems that FitMe is a big fan of cold weather, as opposed to warm weather. This was what I would use pretty much all the time from January to about April because it’s medium coverage. However I’ve been trying it now in the warm weather of May and it’s slowly beginning to disappoint just like 320. When first applied it looks perfectly fine, but after about 2-3 hours I start getting oily around my nose and cheeks. Personally I am not a big fan of this, on one hand it could be described as ‘dewy’, but I really wish cosmetic companies would stop preaching this ‘dewiness’ to me. I am not a fan. Friends with oily skin please beware, you may not like FitMe. I feel it has been reformulated because I didn’t get as oily with 340 compared to 320, but as someone with dry skin…I’m pretty sure this oily issue isn’t my fault.

L’Oreal True Match

L'Oreal True Match in C7 Nut Brown

L’Oreal True Match in C7 Nut Brown

L’Oreal True Match in C7 was something I had always wanted to try, but as you probably read in one of my previous posts I wasn’t going to pay that amount for a drugstore foundation…sorry I’m not sorry. Anyways, it went on sale for 2CDN one day so then I grabbed it. This foundation is not for someone who is hoping to cover spots, marks or discoloration. This foundation is for someone who is 16 and just beginning to wear makeup, or for someone who just wants to look a bit put together for work or school. Personally I’m only wearing it now because it’s gotten warm recently, but I really do prefer more coverage. The good thing is that you can build the coverage of this foundation so that’s impressive somewhat. It does stand up to the ‘true match’ bit, because it matches very well. It does not make me look ‘dewy’ (oily in my opinion) as the day progresses and I think that’s mainly why I keep using it.

L’Oreal wins simply because it doesn’t make me look oily throughout the day. 

How to Use A Stipple Brush

Be sure to check out my previous post!


Tal 🙂


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