Summer Shakeup

Time to shake up your makeup!

Anyway, while thinking about all the new lip colours I want to try I got my inspiration to write this post. I’ve come up with what I think are the 10 best ways to ‘shake up your makeup’. You can try all of these or you can try one these; in either case, you’ll find that a small change can make a big difference (corny I know, but just keep reading).

1. Coloured Liner or Shadow Pencil – A pop of colour can do quite a bit for your look, even if you’re not into technical eye shadow application.Try the Sephora Collection – I’ve mentioned these eyeliners previously, because they really are long-lasting (at 12CDN for one eye liner I wouldn’t lie about this).  My full review of Sephora’s Contour Waterproof Eyeliner in Summer Cruise is here.

Sephora Contour Waterproof Eyeliner in Summer Cruise

2. Bold (New) Lip Colour – This is probably my favourite suggestion to give or even to use for myself – stemming from how many bold lip colours are actually quite affordable. Try NYX Soft Matte lip creams or their Xtreme Lip Cream. They’re really pigmented and very smooth upon application, and also pretty affordable along with being offered in a variety of shades. You could also try Maybelline Vivids lipsticks or Colour Elixir. I have a full review of Maybelline’s Hot Plum here and a full review of Vision in Violet Color Elixir here.

Maybelline  Color Sensational VIVIDS in Hot Plum

Maybelline Color Sensational VIVIDS in Hot Plum


3. Using a Highlight or Luminizer – I began doing this last year fall because of what Canadian weather does to my complexion. This one is a bit difficult because I don’t see many luminizers in drugstores. That being said, feel free to visit MAC or Sephora for a sample or some advice on which colour works best for your skin tone. Quick tip: if you’re between fair to medium beige skintones shimmery peach or pearlescent white shades will work better for you. If you’re between olive to dark skin tones, then luminizers with more gold and bronze tones will work better for you. Full review of Hard Candy Luminizer here.

Hard Candy Glow All The Way in Glamazon Bronze

Hard Candy Glow All The Way in Glamazon Bronze

4. Winged Liner – There are so many different ways that you can do winged liner – if you’re really feeling adventurous why not try a coloured liquid liner? If you’re having problems with precision I recommend using L’Oreal’s Lineur Intense because of how thin the tip is. Or try Stila’s Stay All Day liner – which now comes in various colours!


5. A Stippling/Skunk/Duo Fibre Brush – When I purchased my first stippling brush in 2012 I assumed I could only use it for liquid foundation. A few months ago I began using it to apply my powder blush, and I love how natural this makes blush look; great for both powder and cream blushes. Another reason this brush is great is because it’s so easy for you to place the blush on the apples while blending up towards the temples to have a slight contour. Bonus: It works really well with blushes that are very pigmented and it helps blend in luminizer. How to use a Stipple Brush.

Milani Baked Blush in Rose d'Oro

Milani Baked Blush in Rose d’Oro

6. A New Blush Colour – I always stuck to desert rose blush tones because of my skin tone (I’m a L’Oreal C7 and a MAC NC45), but then I tried a Milani Baked Blush (Rose d’ Oro) in December on a whim. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. You have to try these blushes! If you normally go for pinks, maybe try switching it up by trying a peach or a nice coral shade and vice versa. I suggest the Milani Baked Blushes( I recommend Luminoso) or NYX Powder Blushes (I recommend Pinched or Desert Rose); both have great pigmentation and they last all day.


MAC Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy and NYX's Powder Blush in Desert Rose

MAC Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy and NYX’s Powder Blush in Desert Rose

7. Beige or Gold Shadow – I recently got this idea by looking at a picture of Kim Kardashian. I looked closely and saw that she had some gold shadow dusted underneath her lower lashes. Just take your favourite gold or beige shadow (hopefully one that doesn’t look closer to yellow) and take a small blending brush and sweep it under your lower lashline. I’ve been doing this and I love the way it pops against my inner rim liner and lower lash mascara. Amber Lights and Texture by MAC tend to look great on almost all skin tones.


8. Bright Shadow – Don’t be intimated by bright shadow! Often times people love bright shadow, but they’re just not sure how to use it. You can start small – try using drugstore shadows since this may be a bit of a plunge for you. Milani Runway Eyes eye shadows and Maybelline Color Plush Silk – Coral Oasis has the perfect shades that can be worn year round. Both brands provide shadows that are impressive in pigmentation, affordability and variety.



9. Lip Liner – One lip liner can do so much – my current obsession is MAC’s Currant. If you purchase a nude shade that’s perfect for your skin tone it will work not only for nude lip colours, but it will pretty much help any lip colour not to bleed and it definitely helps your lips look fuller. Similarly, if you wear mostly plums, reds or corals – simply purchase a lip liner in that general color family. A lip liner allows you to get the most out of your colours by deepening the colour if choose to, defining your lips, or simply mixing 2 colours together for a brand new look! For pinks and purples try MAC’s Magenta.

Nude Beige, Pinky and Currant swatches slightly smudged

Nude Beige, Pinky and Currant swatches slightly smudged


10. Primers – Primers are made for your eyes, face and even your lips. Yes, lip primer is a thing. I knew nothing about eye primer when I was younger, but when I finally began using it I really saw a difference. It’s one of those things that are worth investing in (Urban Decay Primer Potion really is as good as people say). It can make even the cheapest of eye shadows appear really pigmented. If you don’t believe me then try an eyeshadow sample from Sephora, Milani’s Eye Primer or Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

Face primer helps your foundation to be long-wearing and also gives smooth, even application. With all the variations of primers on the market, you can now find one that cancels redness, smooths lines, prevents aging (so they say anyway), and even keep you matte if you have oily skin. I use Rimmel Stay Matte’s primer (full review here) – even though I don’t have oily skin.

Rimmel Stay Matte primer retails for about 7CDN in Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Wal Mart.

Rimmel Stay Matte primer retails for about 7CDN in Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Wal Mart.

I hope this post gives you some quick ideas on how to shake up your makeup for spring!

And don’t forget to Meltproof Your Makeup


Tal 🙂



5 thoughts on “Summer Shakeup

  1. Great post! So comprehensive.
    I hear sooooo much about Milani but I’ve never seen it in BC. I’d love to try their lip products and their blushes. Also I have the MAC Currant lipliner and if you’re into purple it pairs perfectly with Revlons Matte Balm in Shameless. Thanks for sending me your link!! So great to find another Canadian.
    Xo, Dani


    • Yes! I was so excited to find your blog as well – hardly much Canadians out there, especially those that I can talk to about beauty related stuff. Yeah Milani is good but I’ve only seen it at one location in all of ON..FTB Beauty sells it online though. I definitely wanna try Currant w/Shameless because the swatch you did is really pretty! 🙂
      xo, Tal


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  3. Love your ideas! I have been loving NARS navy liner with gold (UD’s half baked) as a summer eye look. I have also been loving a light eye look with Maybelline vivid lipstick in shocking coral 🙂


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