Beauty Blender “Dupe”


The Beauty Blender is innovative because by using it damp it will absorb less product and it’s also been made to get into heard to reach areas of the face

The BeautyBlender is a makeup sponge that can be re-used, and has a fairly unique shape. Basically, you pay about 30CDN for a cute little teardrop-shaped sponge, and when you run it under water and squeeze out the excess, it doesn’t soak up all your foundation. Then when you’re through, you wash it with a special cleanser and it’s ready to be re-used.


If your foundation is looking cake-y or you finding yourself sweating while applying your face products, simply dab a slightly damp Beauty Blender over the problem areas and this will keep you from sweating off your makeup or messing it up

Spending 30CDN on a makeup sponge may not be at the top of your priorities – even if you’re a beauty aficionado like myself. Since I couldn’t fully justify spending $30 (that could have bought me a cute pair of flats) on a sponge, I decided to try something similar. In October I went to Shoppers’ Drug Mart and found that their private label, Quo, had a beauty blending sponge. Theirs wasn’t shaped like a tear drop, but it still had a pointed edge. More importantly it was only 5CDN before HST so then I thought “okay for $5 what’s the worst that could happen? And I get even a week’s use out of it that’s still not too bad”. It looks exactly like the one pictured below – which is the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge the only difference is the Quo one being purple.


If you find that you’ve applied too much blush or shimmery (powder) highlight – gently press a damp Beauty Blender over these areas to rid your face of shimmer overload

I bought the sponge and it lasted from October 2013 to about January of this year. Compared to the real BeautyBlender, it’s definitely not as soft but the shape is really nice because it allows you to hold it perfectly. However when you use it to ‘dot’ or stipple your foundation on you can feel that it’s really not that soft on the face – not as soft as I would want it to be anyway. The pointed edge for concealer could be better, because it’s a bit big when you’re trying to get your under eye concealer done perfectly.

At Winners, I spotted another dupe – there were all these all these sponges shaped just like the BeautyBlender, in an array of colours. They had: purple, pink, lime green, orange, turquoise; needless to say, I decided on pink. At first glance this one looked exactly like the BeautyBlender. It came in the same type of box, it was the exact same shade of pink and it also seemed to be the same size; this one was by a brand called Revive. For 7CDN before HST I thought “Let me see how this compares to the Quo one”. (The Revive sponge is in the picture below)


A dampened beauty blending sponge is best used to apply liquid foundations, and cream products. It also does a great job and blending out any other cream or liquid products, such as concealers and illuminators.

I’ve been trying this and when compared to the Quo sponge, it’s the same issue – they really aren’t that soft. When I ran the Revive sponge under the water I was expecting it to be even a little softer than the Quo one when damp at first. Then the disappointment came, not only was it not very soft, but it was also slightly bigger than the regular BeautyBlender – okay to be fair the latter isn’t really that big of a disappointment. The only reason I’m still using it is because I paid money for it and I want to see how long it lasts.


Currently on Sephora’s website one will cost 26CDN, and buying the package with 2 BeautyBlender sponges will cost 34CDN

Based on trying these both of these, I can say that it’s probably best to just spend 30CDN on what I’m now calling an ‘Investment Sponge’. If you purchase the BeautyBlender from Sephora and for some reason you don’t like it, you’ll have 30 days for return. So buy it and try it, and if you find that it works well for at least 21 days out of the 30 – it was probably a good purchase.

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5 thoughts on “Beauty Blender “Dupe”

  1. I really want to try the real techniques sponge, I have heared that it is comparable to the Beauty Blender… To bad they don’t sell the full range of real techniques in stores in Canada.


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