Hot Plum is from the Maybelline Vivids Collection — the lipsticks with the transparent red cover; all bright shades. I was unable to find Brazen Berry in Canada for some reason, so every time I went to Shoppers Drug Mart I would swatch Hot Plum instead — I wasn’t entirely pleased with how it appeared on my skin. What’s disappointing is the shade being called Hot Plum and it looks more fuschia, without a hint of plum or purple; as you can probably guess, I’m very much into purple. Jump forward to when my cousin gives me Hot Plum. Initially without a liner, my usual foundation routine and a little cheek colour, it did nothing for me. Then I tried it with a full face of makeup, and MAC’s Currant liner, with a little Vision in Violet on top and progress was surely being made. I recommend this if you’re a lover of pink lip colors, or if you want to test the waters with bright colours without spending too much. This would also look quite lovely on medium-beige and olive skin tones. Deep to dark? We can pull this off too, but I think a liner will definitely be needed; I suggest MAC’s Magenta, MAC’s Currant and NYX’s Purple Rain or Deep Purple to define the lips and possibly deepen the colour.



Maybelline VIVIDS in Hot Plum 900

8 thoughts on “Maybelline VIVIDS in Hot Plum 900

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