MAC Sized to Go

I always find it funny when you talk about something on one day, and about a day or two later it’s as if the universe was seriously listening.

That being said, have you ever purchased or considered purchasing a pigment from MAC? Then you thought…”okay wow that’s a lot of colour, I mean…that’s pretty and all but it’s gonna take me forever to finish. To buy or not to buy?”. It has happened to me previously. I’ve received samples of the pigments (Melon, Tan and Rose) and so far Melon and Rose are my favourite; the samples really do last a long time. Just yesterday I was saying I need to find someone to share a pigment with; go half and half on the price and everyone’s a winner!

MAC Pigments

MAC Pigments


At this point it’s safe to assume that MAC Cosmetics has been listening to The People, because their email this morning showed off the latest additions to their ‘Sized To Go’ products.

Along with the usual travel size cleanser, Strobe Cream, Cleanse Off Oil, eye makeup remover and makeup removing wipes you can now get pigments, lipglasses and mascaras in a little travel size. According to the website, the volume of these products have already been universally approved (one less thing for you to worry about).




Pictured above (from L-R): MAC Sized to Go Lipglass in Rebel,  MAC Sized to Go pigment in Rose, MAC Sized to Go Zoom Lash and MAC Sized to Go False Lashes in Extreme Black.

Sized to Go lipglasses: 0.8 US oz. for 12CDN

Sized to Go mascaras: 0.14 US oz. for 12CDN

Sized to Go pigments: 0.9 US oz. for 12CDN

(In the U.S. the travel size products will cost you 10USD, and in Jamaica I don’t think the travel size products are available the last I heard). What I do appreciate is the consistency in the pricing, because sometimes you go to say, Sephora and you’re browsing the travel items and you have to stand and compare both volume and prices.

This is perfect for those who may want to try MAC’s products and realize that $20-$25 is really not in their $10-$15 budget; we’ve all been there. Or for those of us who would like a pigment but really don’t need the regular size that it comes in. I get bored with lip colors quickly, so I’m glad that they’ve included lipglasses in the Sized To Go selection.  Last year November I purchased the Fix Plus in the travel size, and I am so glad I did; that little multipurpose wonder lasted me for a little over a month!

I can definitely see where these will be necessities for my makeup bag and general collection. I’ve already scoped out which products I want, and I really hope this is available in stores sometime soon!

Which products are you thinking of getting?

Read here to see How to Use Pigments 



Tal 🙂


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