Quick Update

If there are any beauty topics that you’d like to me post about, don’t be afraid to send in your suggestion! I can give a product review (if I own it or if I’ve tried it), advice on which product to buy based on your concern/need, or simply advice on how to use a product or where to purchase it. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable commenting for privacy reasons, this will be respected. To accommodate this my email address is listed in the ‘About’ section.

I always have my blog posts drafted up and ready for publishing, so whenever you send me a topic I’ll begin researching and writing a draft on the requested topic. Less words and more pictures? More words and less pictures? Let me know!

Thanks so much to those of you who read my blog – both regularly and occasionally. Whether it is that you saw my constant updates via social media, found the name catchy, were searching for a beauty blogger in Toronto, or had the image on the home page reel you in – you’re appreciated. It’s crazy to think I’m almost at 50 posts! Even though 30 views may seem small, it’s 30 more than I had this time last year 🙂




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