The Best Eyeliners


Summer Cruise by the Sephora Collection is one the best coloured liners that I’ve tried; it has great pigmentation and it’s fairly priced.

I’ve been wearing eyeliner for as long as I’ve been wearing mascara so I’m always looking for one that lasts on my waterline. Majority of the liners I use tend to migrate all over the place, under my eyes, into the inner corners, sometimes even settling out at the end of my eyes. No bueno.

The first eyeliner I ever purchased was an eye kohl by NYX, then a few years later I used an eye kohl by Bonnebell (yes, I was 14). By the time I turned 17 I thought “okay yes, yes this Rimmel is going to be The One”. Alas, it was not.

By 2011, I bought Revlon Colorstay in the fall while doing my back to school shopping and I was thoroughly impressed with the staying power, and how smoothly it applied. The other retractable liner I had used was Maybelline’s Define A Line eyeliner in dark brown; but it gave me that brown gunk every time I’d blink…and you can probably guess how often I blink.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

So far the best one I’ve come across is Black Lace by the Sephora Collection. Speaking of which, I feel like the Sephora Collection is a bit underrated – their shadows are super pigmented too! I use this daily for school, and it stays on my waterline, there is absolutely no smudging and it really is waterproof.

If you aim to not spend more than $5 on eyeliner because maybe you go through eyeliner so quickly, or you hardly wear it then go for the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal. The pigmentation is great, but the lasting power? Not so much. It’s the kind of eyeliner you use if you don’t need something that has to last all day

Urban Decay has various eyeliner sets, and their constantly raved about 24/7 Glide On Eyeliners come in a wide variety of colours. They each cost $24, and they are indeed very pigmented. So I decided to try out their Triple Threat Matte Edition a few months ago; 3 matte travel sized UD pencils for 24CDN. Imagine how excited I was! (yes exactly, you understand how excited I was) – but honestly, this was just a high-end disappointment. I returned because none of the 3 colours lasted one my waterline – and one of them was the great Perversion.


Lastly, I’ve tried liquid liners and cream/gel liners. I had been using Maybelline Line Studio in 2012 – this was my first felt tip liner pen. The pigmentation? Was nothing to write home about. The precision? Was lovely. I loved this one because of how flexible the felt tip was – making it super easy to use. I bought Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Liner a few months ago and it was not a nice experience; every time I tried to open it – after having to turn into Hulk just to get the cover off, it would spill all over the place. Every single time.

For gel eyeliner I use MAC’s Blacktrack It is everything. Everything!


It glides on smoothly when using an eyeliner brush, and even though it may seem a bit pricey, it lasts for such a long time because you don’t use that much of it at one time anyway.


  • Get your eyeliner to stop smudging by dusting a little powder right under your lower lashline.
  • Wear waterproof eyeliner when going to a wedding, or if you think you’ll be arguing/crying because of your significant other 🙂
  • For a great smokey eye base, use the kohl liner all over your lid; this works so well because of how smooth and soft the kohl is.
  • ‘Stamp’ your eyeliner into place by using a matte black shadow on a flat eye definer brush right on top of where you placed your eyeliner.




9 thoughts on “The Best Eyeliners

  1. The Maybelline EyeStudio gel liners are pretty good. I noticed that it tends to fade throughout the day, but I started setting it with a matte black shadow and the wearing power went up to ~9hrs


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