A Good Foundation

One of the things I find that people ask me the most is “How do you get your foundation to look like that?”

The Foundation:

The main purpose of wearing a foundation is to have a ‘your skin but better’ feel, in one sense. Some people may argue that’s what a BB Cream is used for – but more on that later.

 The first liquid foundation I ever purchased was Maybelline’s FitMe foundation, back in 2011 — my shade was 320 (this shade has been discontinued). A few years ago I figured “okay I’ll just use those little white triangular sponges to apply it”, not knowing entirely about the magical world of face brushes and beauty blending sponges — but let me get to the point as this is slowly becoming a drag to read even for me. 


1. Prime: Ensure that you’re wearing a moisturizer that works for your skin type. After your skin has absorbed the product, apply a primer – I use Rimmel Stay Matte face primer; it keeps me matte without making my dry skin even drier. The Porefessional by Benefit is also very good if you have about 37CDN to spare. Then let this sit for about 1-5 minutes while you get your other products out. Check out my full review on Rimmel Stay Matte primer here.

Rimmel Stay Matte primer retails for about 7CDN in Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Wal Mart.

Rimmel Stay Matte primer retails for about 7CDN in Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Wal Mart.

2. Apply: I’ve heard of people applying foundation with their hands, but as this is really not for me I don’t have very much to say on that. Your tools are just as important as your confidence and your product. Check out my full review on the Beauty Blender “Dupe” here.

If you’re into sponges I recommend a beauty blending sponge. This can be the Beautyblender brand, the Real Techniques sponge, the Sephora Collection sponge or the Quo brand.


If you’re into brushes, I recommend a stippling brush, a foundation brush, or a buffing brush. To simplify: the stippling brush will feel soft and most likely have 2 colours, a foundation brush is the one that may tend to resemble a paintbrush somewhat, and the buffing brush may have a packed/dense feel. Real Techniques, MAC, the Sephora Collection, EcoTools and Sigma Beauty are all very good options. Check out my full review on the Real Techniques Core Collection here.

A stippling brush is a great multipurpose product to invest in

A stippling brush is a great multipurpose product to invest in

3. Product Pickin’: Do you have oily skin? Maybelline FitMe foundation or any other foundation that says it will give you a ‘dewy’ finish may not be for you. ‘Dewy’ will probably just make you look oilier. Check out my review on Maybelline FitMe foundation here.


You need a formula that will keep you nice and matte, L’Oreal True Match has shades for everyone, and I mean everyone! This formula works really well because L’Oreal was brilliant in creating shades based on undertones. I’ve also heard good things about their Liquid Powder foundation. Check out my full review on L’Oreal True Match in C7 here.

L'Oreal True Match in C7 Nut Brown

L’Oreal True Match in C7 Nut Brown

Dry skin: You’re like myself – probably wanting some coverage (i.e. covering up any marks or ‘imperfections’ you may be a little self conscious about), without having dry patches on your skin.

I’ve tried L’Oreal, MAC and Maybelline, and BB Cream as well. Use the L’Oreal True Match if you don’t have too much to cover up. If you would however like to cover up quite a bit, and still have your cute little beauty spot showing, use the Maybelline FitMe liquid – bonus: you can find your coordinating powder and concealer shade. Lastly, if you want that full coverage, ‘everything hidden’ feel, try MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation.



Combination skin: You’re oily in the T-Zone (i.e. your forehead, your nose, possibly your cheeks, and your chin). You may want to opt for a BB Cream, as this won’t be drying for dry areas, nor will it make your oily areas look even more oily. Another good choice would be a creamy stick foundation, such as Maybelline FitMe foundation stick or the one by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.




Tal 🙂


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